Surveillance Investigator and Investigations

What is surveillance? What is the work of a surveillance investigator?

Surveillance often requires continuous and attentive observation to monitor significant activities for the purpose of gathering critical information.

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Surveillance Investigations

A surveillance investigator can investigate cases for businesses, especially involving insurance fraud. Many surveillance investigators will spend their time observing individuals who might be trying to gain compensation for injuries that happened at work. The investigator may attempt to procure evidence that the subject of the case is not actually injured in the way that was reported verbally and in writing. The surveillance investigator may be involved in photographing or videotaping the subject performing physical activities that would belie the alleged injury. Workers’ compensation claims are often affected by newfound details unfurled by surveillance investigators.

Domestic surveillance

Keep in mind that security surveillance in your home is a sensitive matter. Utilizing surveillance equipment to monitor people without their permission, (examples include spying on spouses, nannies, or house-cleaners), can prove to be illegal. Illegal recordings often prove inadmissible as evidence in court.

Private Investigator Surveillance

Domestic surveillance can include physical and electronic monitoring of individuals for reasons that are personal. Examples of domestic surveillance can involve the following: child custody investigations, allegedly cheating spouses, and questionable caretakers of children, or the elderly.

Corporate surveillance

Corporate surveillance may be conducted through company security personnel or by an outside firm; it is usually performed in the spirit of protection of the interests of the business.

Corporate surveillance may also involve tracking of specific computer usage and the careful monitoring activities of areas that are secured.

Employees are sometimes monitored to ensure that ethical conduct is consistent, company policies are followed stringently, and the utilization of company property is on the up-and-up. Surveillance investigators often look into issues involving property destruction, regular thefts, and questionable worker’s compensation cases.


According to, the average salary for a surveillance investigator is 19.38 per hour.

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