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You might be surprised at just how much information is a matter of public record. Property ownership, some major financial transactions, the results of court hearings, marriages, birth and death, Social Security, driving records, adult criminal records, much of our lives is archived somewhere and available if the right person goes looking.

However, when people need to find these records to conduct a background check or otherwise investigate an individual, it can be tough to track down what they need. That’s why in many situations, those in need of a public records search turn to private investigations instead of using online resources or trying to do it on their own.

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Why People Need a Public Records Search

There are tons of reasons why someone might need a public records search. They might suspect they have an unfaithful spouse. There might be doubts surrounding a business partnership or pending agreement. Someone who was adopted might want to find their birth mother. A criminal background check might be needed for a job or licensing. All of these and more involve searching public records for information.

Public Records Search

Public records that are often looked at in these search operations include driver’s records, credit reports, court records, criminal backgrounds, financial records, driving records, business dealings, marriages, property records, military service records and more.

Why Use Private Investigations?

Some people wonder why, if these records are public, they need to secure the services of a licensed private investigator. This is a good question and there are many reasons why this is the case. First, just because records are public doesn’t mean they’re easy to find. P.I.s know exactly where to look to find a given piece of information.

Second, a P.I. accessing this information lends credibility to it should it need to be used in court as evidence. They have resources that other people can’t access, and know how to gather exactly the information required for a given situation.

What about Free Online Searches?

Free online records searches often turn up incomplete, outdated or incorrect information, which can negate the value of what they provide. They can also charge expensive hidden fees and expose the user to having their own information compromised, and if their methods aren’t purely ethical, the records may not have legal merit.

In addition, sometimes it might be imperative to have authorized, original versions of the records in question. The user will never receive this with a free online search service. Private detectives have the ability to go right to the source, quickly find exactly what they need to find, and provide it when needed, so that it can be used for the purpose for which it is required.

Private investigations agencies provide an essential role in public records searches. Whether it’s for criminal investigations, background checks, or any other reason, this is an important part of a private detective’s role. If you’re the kind of person who loves to conduct detailed searches and piece together information, this could be a great career for you. Check out what you need to know to get a license as a private detective and get started today!

Online Criminal Justice and Private Investigator Programs

Online Criminal Justice and Private Investigator Programs

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