Private Investigators and Social Medial Investigations

Social media investigations are an important part of background checks and looking into the character and history of an individual in this day and age. Information is moving faster than ever, and the wrong thing said or misrepresented online can be disastrous to a person’s reputation and even their livelihood.

These searches can also be instrumental in criminal investigations and even in uncovering terrorist connections. Private investigators spend a great deal of time online and play an important role in social media investigations as record search experts.

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Social Media Investigations

You may have heard the saying that once something is put online, it’s never gone. That’s very much true, and is especially so on social media, where even deleted posts may be archived by the provider or copied and shared by millions of people within minutes of their original posting.

When someone needs evidence to back up an alibi, engage in risk assessment, conduct background checks, for divorce and custody proceedings, or for monitoring behavior, social media investigations are an important part of the process.

What Is Uncovered in a Social Media Investigation?

The types of information that may be uncovered in a social media check depends largely on the type of investigation being conducted. In domestic disputes, the investigator will look for incriminating photos, chat records, location data and the like to look into issues of fidelity or the ability to be a parent.

Private Investigator Social Media

Criminal investigations will look for incriminating statements, photos, attempts to engage in (or convince others to) illegal activity. People posting photos of themselves pointing guns at a camera and posting disparaging remarks about another person, group or country, for example, could be an indicator of potential criminal activity. Chat logs can reveal efforts to engage in unscrupulous behavior.

These kinds of investigations can turn up a wealth of information for criminal, civil, drug, and even terrorism cases. In the digital age, they can even form the core of a court case, revealing important information about the target of the investigation.

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

Quite simply, people hire private investigators for social media investigations because they have the skills, knowledge, resources and tenacity to uncover exactly the information that’s needed. Finding information that may have been deleted requires searching Internet archives, shared postings and can even require legal paperwork to access.

Private investigators are skilled at information and evidence gathering, and they are licensed to do it in such a way that it can be used in court when needed. They are usually called upon because their information is far more accurate and reliable, and their process more efficient than those who try to gather the information on their own.

If you love social media, are excellent at web searching and have a knack and drive for information gathering, you might find the job of a private investigator is an ideal career for you. Take some time to look over the background and steps required to get a license as a private detective where you live and get started today!

Online Criminal Justice and Private Investigator Programs

Online Criminal Justice and Private Investigator Programs

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