Private Detectives as Mystery Shoppers

Many people fail to associate private investigators with mystery shoppers, but the truth is this can be an important job for P.I.s. A mystery shopper serves an important role for the retail industry. These people are also called secret shoppers, and they enter customer service-oriented businesses to ensure that the place is functioning as it should be, that employees are being helpful and ethical, that the place is clean and things are running as they should be.

Private investigators are uniquely qualified to serve in this important retail capacity, and can provide useful insight to management and business owners, to uncover employee fraud and improve overall operations.

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The Practice of Mystery Shopping

Generally speaking, a mystery shopper will pose as a normal customer, which means they need to be someone with whom the staff is unfamiliar. They might come into the store and buy a product, talk to the staff and ask questions about merchandise or services, check the staff’s knowledge of the products offered and look into how polite and helpful they are.

Private Detective Mystery Shopper

Off-site, the secret shopper may investigate the website, contact the business via email or phone to see how helpful staff are in those media, make sure that purchasing, inventory and other aspects of internet functionality work correctly, and work to compare the business to its closest competition.

The mystery shopper will then contact the owner or management of the business to report on their experience. This allows management to address potential problems with employees, correct errors in pricing or product availability, and overall improve the quality of the services offered.

Private Detectives as Mystery Shoppers

There are numerous reasons why businesses use private detectives as mystery shoppers. This is a vital means of checking on the operations of a business, and it’s too important to just leave to anyone. Business owners want someone who is able to handle the details of the job and conduct themselves in an ethical and legal manner.

When it comes to these issues, private investigators are the ideal choice. In fact, in certain states you may not hire someone as a secret shopper if they are not a licensed P.I. Private detectives know the law and can make sure that they operate within the right bounds in case criminal activity is uncovered. They can also use the evidence they gather in court, if need be.

Finally, the core of a private investigator’s job is surveillance and observation. If a business manager wants someone who will catch every detail, there’s no better resource than a P.I., who also knows how to file the right reports covering all of their observations.

Who Hires Private Investigators as Secret Shoppers?

Businesses who have some reason to suspect when management is not present, employees are in some way misbehaving are the most common who hire P.I.s in this capacity. Since a single unhappy customer can spiral to tons of losses in business, they want to be sure their business is running like a machine even when staff aren’t being watched.

If you think shopping, observing and evaluating retail practices sounds like a fun and fulfilling career, you may want to consider becoming licensed as a private detective. Check out the steps you’ll need to take, to get licensed in your state today.

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