Missing Persons Investigator

Finding Missing Persons

It seems like high profile missing persons cases are all over the news these days, and the longer a person stays missing, the more chance there is that the ending will be unpleasant. Sometimes, however, people deliberately vanish, and this can create just as much heartache and pain as when they disappear through no fault of their own.

When someone wants to know what happened to a person they can’t find, the first place they turn to is their local law enforcement. However, police are overworked and especially if the person is deemed to be voluntarily missing, this may not always yield ideal results. When law enforcement needs additional help, or cannot for whatever reason lend aid, private detectives might be called in to help find missing persons.

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The Problem of Missing Persons Cases

When someone goes missing, police are limited in what they can or are willing to do. For example, they cannot declare someone as missing until they haven’t been heard from in a certain amount of time. In cases of kidnapping or foul play, every minute matters, and by the time someone is officially declared missing, it can sometimes be too late.

In addition, if a missing person isn’t found within a certain amount of time, it becomes a cold case. This means police will cease to actively search for the person in question. The reason for this is not that police don’t care, but that their resources are finite and they have a lot of cases to cover, especially with today’s soaring crime rates.

Private Detectives and Missing Persons

Missing persons cases are some of the most important and common cases private detectives are called upon to solve. These cases certainly can involve kidnappings—in fact, the vast majority of “missing” cases involve minors—but can involve long-lost loved ones, fugitives from justice, witnesses in criminal cases and a range of other people.

Missing Persons Investigations

Investigations Methods Used

When called to work a missing persons case, the private detective will use a variety of resources and methods to accomplish the task. They could network with fugitive recovery agents or other P.I.s who might have knowledge into the case. They might use surveillance techniques from reviewing security footage, observing people associated with the victim, or using computer technology and other electronic methods to track down the person’s recent or current whereabouts. They could search background records to find known associates. They could interview witnesses.

In the end, people call on private detectives when they need someone who will direct a great deal of focus on their case, and doggedly pursue the results as long as necessary. Private detectives not only serve as extra resources for law enforcement, but can pick up where law enforcement leaves off and bring closure to an uncertain situation.

For those who want to make a living helping others and bringing closure to bad situations, private detectives can be the ideal career path. Take some time to read over the steps to becoming a licensed private investigator in your area, and get started on this rewarding career today.