Legal Investigator

What are Legal Investigators and How Does the Market Look for Legal Investigator Jobs?

Do you have a background in an area such as political science, law, or criminal justice? Are you interested in the law and aspects of investigative work as it pertains to the law? Are you the sort of person who is detail-oriented and willing to work hours that are long and sometimes challenging? This could be the right job for you.

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Legal investigation is considered the proper gathering together of details and facts in a case that will be utilized in the courts. Rules of evidence must be adhered to closely for the gathering of evidence for the judge and the jury. Work performed by the legal investigator in preparation for a trial case will be critical to the attorney.

The legal investigator’s primary responsibility is to facilitate the attorney through the preparation of the litigation for each case. The legal investigator’s job is to effectively search out and report the facts to empower the attorney to apply the law to the bets of his, or her, ability. Law is an abstraction and needs tangible facts to make it operable.

Legal Investigation

The legal investigator usually works within personal injury cases, helping to determine the responsibility for what occurred. The differentiating factor between the legal investigator and the typical PI is that the legal investigator works for the attorneys representing the private parties, not the private parties themselves. The legal investigator develops keen skills for fact-finding and procedures for forensics.

The following are types of activities performed by legal investigators:

  • locating and contacting witnesses for the case
  • interviewing witnesses
  • scene reconstructions
  • gather evidence/photograph evidence

Job opportunities

In your pursuit of becoming a legal investigator, it is good to keep in mind the following information. Legal investigator opportunities have been on the gradual increase since the implementation of legal assistants by lawyers, occurring in 1969, through the American Bar Association. According to, a legal investigator can earn 60,000 per year.

Online Criminal Justice and Private Investigator Programs

Online Criminal Justice and Private Investigator Programs

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