Internet Dating Investigation

You’ve doubtless seen the advertisements all over TV and the Internet: online dating is all the rage. Every site out there seems to claim they’ve got the irrefutable scientific means by which they can set you up with the perfect mate. Unfortunately, as with everything online, as this means of finding a romantic match becomes more popular, so do scams associated with the process.

Every day, more fake sites or scam advertisements pop up looking to take advantage of people who just want to find romance. When someone becomes a victim of these kinds of scams, they might hire a private investigator to conduct an internet dating investigation.

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Online Dating Scams

Scammers will use any method they can to victimize innocent people. From creating detailed and authentic-looking fake profiles to using emails with embedded code, they seek to gain the trust of their intended victim, which eventually leads to financial fraud even identity theft. These scams can take place on dating websites, but can also occur over e-mail or social media.

Internet Dating Investigator

The most common types of scams include an effort to steal money from a victim through requests for help, to launder money by sending stolen items and making it harder for law enforcement to trace them and doxing (publishing private information and holding it for ransom), as well as attempts to commit physical crimes like sexual assault.

Internet Dating Investigations

When someone thinks they are the victim of, or targeted by, an online dating scam, they might hire a private detective to conduct an internet dating investigation. The investigator will use a variety of methods to check into the veracity of the profile or the identity of the potential scammer.

They might gather evidence from a variety of platforms and websites regarding the same person, conduct background checks, and use IP address and other methods to ping the origin of messages. The end goal is to verify that the person on the other side of the screen is who they say they are, and has no ill intent towards the user.

If there is evidence of fraud, the investigator can not only advise the user away from the scammer, but can turn the evidence over to legal authorities to help to bring the scammer to justices and prevent them from targeting other innocent people.

Why People Hire Private Investigators

People’s entire lives have been, and continue to be, ruined by internet dating scams. These fraudulent activities can destroy a person’s credit and even subject them to criminal charges when in reality they’re innocent victims. It can be important to have an unbiased point of view to gather information about the scams and help to put a stop to them when they arise.

Private investigators have a wealth of training, knowledge and experience to deal with these sorts of fraud and scam. They can access tools to which many people don’t have access to find the evidence to stop the scams and put the scammers away. If you would like to help other people who have been the target of these crimes, check out what it takes to become a licensed P.I. in your area.

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