Infidelity Investigations

An infidelity investigation is what is conducted by a professional private investigator who specializes in the area of infidelity and catching cheating spouses.

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The following are signs that something could be wrong with a relationship and that one may benefit from employing an infidelity investigator:

  • Internet or phone use that changes: Hyper-secretiveness with regards to computer habits and/or browser history. Hiding one’s phone or being secretive about calls or texts.
  • Work routine changes: When your working husband or wife begins changing their work schedules in terms of needing to “work later tonight” or “go to special events/meetings.”
  • Shower/bathing habits change: A spouse that heads to the shower as soon as they arrive home, changes perfume or cologne, or alters their grooming behaviors for no apparent reason.
  • Intimacy/romantic changes: A noticeable increase or decrease in intimacy, levels of affection, and/or sexual tendencies.

Private Investigator Cheating Spouse

Services Provided by a Trained Infidelity Investigator

  • Surveillance: There is the capability of utilizing advanced technology in infidelity investigations. Through the use of precision digital and optical equipment, investigators can gain quality video and still evidence in their pursuits.
  • The Internet and other technology: Cell phones and the internet have created new avenues for unfaithful spouses. The guilty have been known to utilize (in private) secretive email accounts, social media, and online dating sites. Online Chat can facilitate flirting and often serve as a precursor to actual face-to-face meetings.
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking: At a legal capacity, investigators utilizing GPS vehicle tracking devices can facilitate efforts of surveillance in their goal of catching the guilty committing guilty behaviors.
  • Tracking in the community: restaurants, bars and clubs: Inappropriate behavior taking place in restaurants, bars, and clubs can be tracked. Investigators can follow the allegedly guilty and monitor their activity inside nightlife establishments.


The average infidelity investigator can make 21.38 per hour, according to

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Online Criminal Justice and Private Investigator Programs

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