Famous Fictional and Non-Fictional Private Investigators You Should Know

The most people have seen on detective stories are in movies and videos. Not many people are sure about the arena of detectives and the parts they play. Movies have birthed quite a number of fictional private investigators. These fictional characters have taken up roles from some real life private investigators. Though few, real life detectives actually existed. Each private investigator stands out on their own merit, which distinguishes them from the next.

Examples of fictional Private Investigators

  1. Sherlock Holmes is the most famous fictional private investigator. Numerous fictional books and movies have been based on the extraordinary character that made its first debut in 1887. A Scottish physician named Arthur Doyle created this character. Sherlock is famous for his skill and outstanding prowess when it comes to solving complex brain wrecking issues; not forgetting his amazing observational skills. Doyle wrote fifty-six short stories and four novels based on this character. Almost all were narratives done by Sherlock’s friend and biographer Dr Watson Jon, two more were narrated by Sherlock and two were written in the third person. This detective is bound to lead you to the edge of your seat.
  2. Magnum Thomas. This character was played in an American television show that was referencing a private investigator who resides in Hawaii. The show was called Magnum P.I. and was aired in the 1980s. Magnum is a renowned Navy SEAL and a Naval Intelligence Office of the United States of America. He resides in a beachfront that he was awarded in a well-up community. He goes about his tasks there as a security community overseer.
  3. Jack Gittes “JJ”. This Irish-American character was played in the famous film Chinatown. Jack Nicholson played it. This character ran a private investigative business, which was famous for its reliability. He was distinguished by his weird and improper ways of carrying out tasks. Yes, they would get done however the modes he used were considered unorthodox. Nevertheless, he was bound by his words and life opinions. Most of his tasks were marital based. The whole story revolves around a task gone wrong in Chinatown that leads to a murder case.

Examples of non-fictional private investigators

  1. William J. Flynn. Had a facial resemblance to President Roosevelt. He worked as a secret service agent in President Roosevelt’s era and chaired the investigative bureau. He battled the American Mafia and helped to take down its leader Giuseppe Morello in 1910.
  2. Marcel Guillaume was a French-born detective who began his reign as a police officer. His father-in-law forced him into the profession. His most famous case came to be in 1933, where he helped tackle the case of a daughter who attempted to kill her parents with poison, but only succeeded with the death of her father. He then followed to investigate a famous French serial killer and a financial manipulation case.
  3. Johnny Broderick was an Irish-American member of the New York Police Department for twenty-four years. His reputation preceded him a she was quite famous for his tough guy act. He beat up suspects and street gangsters alike. He was a force not to reckon with. He served in the Navy in World War one and was a bodyguard to esteemed people. He was a target to most for this and was named in a number of police brutality and misconduct cases.

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