Domestic Investigations

What is a domestic investigation?

Domestic investigations relate to individuals and personal issues.
A private investigator for domestic investigations is a professional at gaining detailed information on people. He or she can utilize the following effective tools to get important information on those who are close to you:

  • interviews of the personal network
  • searches through databases
  • surveillance techniques
  • background checks

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Domestic investigations are utilized by those who want to keep their families safe, prevent fraud, and avoid thefts. Private investigators can implement advanced techniques to discover important information regarding the possible criminal history/activity and other aspects of behavior that you need to know about regarding individuals who are close to you, or somehow involved in your life.

The primary benefit of Domestic investigation is that you are able to investigate those who are closest to you so that can family, friends, and associates remain safe. Performing investigations in advance can prevent victimization. Utilizing a private investigator gives you peace of mind that all important information was procured through legal means.

Domestic Investigations

The majority of cases in the field of private investigation are in the realm of domestic investigations.

Common types of cases of domestic investigations:

  • Spouses who cheat
  • Extortion or blackmail
  • Investigations for Pre-Marital and Pre-Nuptial Divorce
  • Deceit Investigations
  • Restraining Orders
  • Marital Abandonment
  • Bigamy
  • Stalking
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Surveillance for vehicles
  • Abuse of child or spouse
  • Negligence or Abandonment of a child

Are you concerned about the person your daughter or son is going to marry? Is this person going to bring any risks to your loved one, or your family? A domestic investigator can help you get answers and protect your loved ones.

You might be going through a separation, or divorce. You might have domestic situations that include someone with a relationship with you or another person in your family. You may have children who have run away from home. You might have concerns about your young adult children and their lives outside of the home, or online.

Domestic investigations can help you find answers.


According to, domestic investigators can make 64,000 per year.

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