Cell Phone Records Investigations

In this day and age, cell phone records can provide a near-complete history of what we’ve done and where we’ve been at any given time. There’s been a lot of hot-button issues in the news lately regarding cellular carriers releasing (or refusing to release) phone data to officials based on privacy issues.

The truth is, these call lists can form vital parts of criminal investigations, and it takes the right knowledge and skills to be able to apply the information gathered from these records to a criminal investigation. Private detectives can make good use of cell phone records in helping local law enforcement or private clients solve a whole range of mysteries.

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Why Not Just Use a Web Service?

You may have seen websites online that offer cell phone records if you just pay a fee. These services are controversial in nature, and get their information from private company call data, telemarketer call lists, phone bills and the like, many of which might be illegal or, at best, questionable. They also might be incomplete or inaccurate in the results they supply.

These services are becoming subject to increased scrutiny and questioning, which means that if a case comes to trial, they may not be admissible as evidence in court. What that means is that you need a resource that is reliable, accurate and completely ethical and above board.

Cell Phone Records Investigations

Professional Cell Phone Records Investigation

Professional cell phone investigations are conducted using search warrants, networking, personal contacts and traditional as well as technological surveillance techniques. Private investigators are not only trained in the rules, regulations, laws and methods of performing these searches, they have the ability to help their clients make use of the information gathered.

Private detectives are licensed to perform their duties in the state in which they operate, which means that the evidence they collect is done in an ethical manner and can be admissible in court.

When are Cell Phone Records Important?

Cell phone records can become important in a variety of different case investigations. They can help to prove infidelity, they can be a part of civil or criminal surveillance methods. They can back up interviews and witness testimony. They can be vital in child custody cases, domestic disputes or other forms of surveillance.

Private Investigators and Cellular Records

Private investigators work very closely with local, state and federal law enforcement to help their clients find justice and peace of mind. Anyone who has reason to use another’s cellular records as part of an investigation is best advised to seek the services of a licensed private investigator in their state.

P.I.s know how to gain the right warrants and use the right methods and procedures to gather necessary information in such a way that it’s completely admissible as evidence in a court of law, be it a civil or criminal case. If working in a highly technical field which involves using your deductive reasoning, wits, intelligence and technology savvy on a daily basis sounds like an exciting career for you, check out your state’s guidelines for becoming a private investigator today.

Online Criminal Justice and Private Investigator Programs

Online Criminal Justice and Private Investigator Programs

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