Asset Investigator

Asset Searching

Private detectives are experts at locating hard-to-find information and putting together vital clues in a broad range of cases. This even applies in cases where public records might require specialized research and reasoning skills, such as those records that deal with personal and corporate assets and property.

What Are Asset Searches?

Asset searches are conducted to discover details about the current and past details of a property. They can be used to uncover current ownership, problems with ownership, any liens that might be held against the property, or other things.

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These sorts of searches are conducted every day. They can help people to pursue or defend against personal injury suits, to collect on debts, to aid with divorce and child custody cases, and even just to perform due diligence when buying a property.

Who Uses Asset Searches?

People use asset investigations to check up on the background and status of someone they’re about to do business with, to check up on the finances of someone with whom they have a monetary connection, to collect a debt when the payee claims they don’t have the money to pay up, or to resolve fraud cases.

Asset searches can turn up all manner of information that can be important in motor vehicle accidents, personal injury cases, legal compliance issues, real estate and deed issues, court judgements, IRS records, vehicle registration cases, liens, UCC filings, criminal records, missing persons and a range of other cases where one or more person’s material and liquid assets are of consequence.

Asset Search Investigations

How Private Investigators and Asset Searches Work

Private investigators and asset searches can take a number of different forms. They could involve a background check, public records search, detailed computer investigations, surveillance, financial background research and other expert research. They are designed to compile a comprehensive list of assets held by a person or company, and to determine the security of each asset.

Private investigators are important in this process. While you can perform web searches yourself, often more specialized expertise is necessary. Qualified and licensed private investigators not only have the tools and knowledge to perform extensive asset investigations, they can do so in a way that is legal, ethical, and most importantly, admissible in court.

It’s all too common for scams to draw people in, and those who fall prey to an online source claiming they can provide good and complete asset information find that it may be false or at best, unethical. These resources may not be admissible in court and in the worst case, they could get the user in trouble.

Who Uses Asset Investigations?

There are almost as many different types of people involved in asset investigations as there are reasons to conduct one. These can include lawyers, businesses, investors, human resource departments and hiring committees, creditors, government agencies, brokers, couples going through divorce proceedings, debtors, those purchasing real estate or anyone who needs to do due diligence on a financial transaction.

If you want to put your research and deductive skills to work helping people uncover the details of records that could be important to court cases, check out the steps you can take to become a private investigator in your state today.

Online Criminal Justice and Private Investigator Programs

Online Criminal Justice and Private Investigator Programs

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