How to Become a Private Investigator in Alaska

Private investigators are also known as P.I.s, P.D.s and private detectives. These men and women form an important role in our legal system, seeking out information regarding personal, legal and financial matters for a range of clients from individuals to large corporations and even helping law enforcement agents.

A P.I. may conduct background checks, investigate statements, serve legal documents, locate missing persons or fugitives, or investigate crimes. If this exciting career appeals to you, here’s all you need to know to become a private investigator in Alaska.

Alaska Private Investigator License Requirements

What you need to do, to become an Alaska private investigator, depends on where you live. The state does not have licensure for private investigators, requiring only a business license. Certain municipalities, however, do require licensure. These include the city of Fairbanks, and the municipality of Anchorage.

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Alaska Private Investigator Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Age: in both Fairbanks and Anchorage, you’ll need to be at least 18.
  • Provisional Requirements: Fairbanks requires you to be of good moral character, not addicted to substances, and that you have both Alaska and Fairbanks business licenses. Anchorage requires only an Alaska business license.
  • Criminal Background Check: Both Fairbanks and Anchorage require a criminal background check. In Fairbanks this is to demonstrate that you are not a convicted kidnapper or sex offender.
  • Military Discharge: Alaska has no provisions regarding military discharge.
  • Financial History: Alaska has no financial history provisions.
  • Mental Health Evaluation: A mental health evaluation is not required.
  • Insurance Needed: In Fairbanks you will need a $10,000 bond or equivalent securities.
  • Automatic Disqualifications: Aside from your criminal background check results, there are no automatic disqualifications.

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Education and Experience

  • Degree: While there are no degree requirements, a certificate in private investigation or a degree in a field like criminal justice can be very helpful in building necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Experience: No experience is necessary to begin work, but the more you obtain, the more successful your business will likely be.
  • Written Exams: There is no written exam requirement.
  • Training Courses: Many colleges and universities offer PI certificate programs.

Forms Needed for a Private Detective License in Alaska

  • Fees required: the application fee in Fairbanks is $75, and the licensing fee is $400. In Anchorage the fee is $100.
  • Registration needed: There are applications required in both Fairbanks and Anchorage. You’ll also need to provide proof of fulfilling the basic requirements. In Anchorage, you’ll also need a detailed work history.
  • Maintaining Your PI License: Your Fairbanks license must be renewed every 2 years, and costs $400 to renew. In Anchorage, you’ll need to renew every 2 years at a cost of $100. In addition, your business licenses will need to be renewed every year.

Alaska Private Investigator Salary and Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that there are 70 private detectives currently employed in Alaska, but does not provide information regarding the annual mean wage. The national average, however, is $45,610 and the nationwide job growth is expected to be around 5% through 2024.

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Private Investigator Programs and Schools in Alaska

Private Investigator Programs and Schools in Alaska

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