7 high-paying career options for private investigators

A private investigator usually uses different means to verify facts and collect information but their main role involves specialization in various kinds of investigations. Here we take a comprehensive look at high-paying career options for private investigators.

  1. FBI Agent

Salary: up to $115,000

For one to become an FBI agent they need a college degree in a field of study that is relevant, they need to have law enforcement experience and a clean background after which, they will go through the FBI academy for new recruits.

  1. Forensic Psychologists

Salary: $84,000

These professionals are trained clinical psychologists specializing in criminal justice. They utilize their understanding of human behavior and nature to build up criminal profiles for law enforcement officers to use in identifying and tracking down suspects. They can counsel prisoners, interview suspects and work in coordination with law enforcement officers in the prosecution of suspected criminals. These are all relevant roles to a private investigator even though additional training would be required; an advanced degree in the field of behavioral science or psychology to be precise.

  1. Intelligence Analyst

Salary: up to $83,000

Intelligence analysts work behind the scenes of criminal justice in collecting, and analyzing information and data to assess potential risks to security and solve cases. While you will find most intelligence analysts working at local and state levels, a good number of them work for the FBI at a federal level. An intelligence analyst can make $60,000-$83,000 a year.

  1. Financial Examiner

Salary: up to $79,000

These are highly trained and educated specialists excelling in financial accounting and financial mathematics and they play a significant role in helping law enforcement professionals ascertain and prove embezzlement, money laundering, or financial fraud. Private firms specializing in financial investigations and government agencies employ them. A financial examiner needs a master’s degree in financial analysis, finance, accounting, or a field of study closely related.

  1. Criminologist

Salary: up to $74,000

They study the anatomy of crime especially causes, the costs, and the consequences. A private investigator would apply their skills to this profession in terms of profiling of crimes. A criminologist would spend a good amount of time collecting, incorporating, and assessing information to prevent crime.

  1. Security Manager

Salary: up to $69,000

If you are looking to work in the private sector, this is one of the highest-paying positions in criminal justice. A security manager would be in charge or the security management detail for large facilities, complexes, and commercial buildings. They can work for independent security firms managing a large number of properties or they could work for a private company directly. Job opportunities are almost endless seeing as every large corporation, celebrity, or property in the world needs a security manager to oversee their security personnel.

  1. Fire Investigator

Salary: up to $56,000

Fire investigators take over a scene once a fire has been put out (seeing as it is usually treated like a crime scene). They usually determine the cause of the fire. Most fires occur accidentally but some do not and a fire investigator will use scientific investigative processes, technologies, and techniques to ascertain whether a fire was the result of arson or accidental. If arson is found to be the cause, a criminal investigation will need to be launched. A fire investigator works in conjunction with police detectives to determine, apprehend, and prosecute arsonists. A degree in fire investigation or fire science would be a requirement to become a fire investigator.

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